Soul, Self, and Society Press

“A brilliant book that is stunning in its originality. Rubin powerfully describes a shift in this country from a moral system of ‘higher purposes’ to an emerging one of ‘self-fulfillment.’ He links this to a major change in how government operates in the United States and to almost every major social issue. This is a tremendously important work about the nature of American government and American society.”
— Erwin Chemerinsky, Dean, University of California–Irvine School of Law

“Edward Rubin is a jewel in the legal academy. In Soul, Self, and Society, he uses his formidable intellect, immense scholarly knowledge, and deep imagination to explore profound interrelationships between morality and political structure.” 
— Robert C. Post, Dean, Yale Law School

“A new morality is steadily taking possession of the world of what Edward L. Rubin calls High Modernity. It is a refined from of utilitarianism, whose ultimate goal is the self-fulfillment of the greater number. Slowly, but assuredly, it is replacing an ancient and embattled rival based upon enforced and often unexamined norms. Soul, Self, and Society is the story, ranging from the sixth to the twenty-first centuries, of how this way of being came into existence as a consequence of the increasing privatization of modern systems of governance, and why we should embrace it. It is powerful, utterly persuasive, and ultimately uplifting.”
— Anthony Pagden, author of The Enlightenment – and Why It Still Matters

“In this bold companion to his 2005 book, Beyond Camelot, Rubin offers the reader an equally provocative and insightful account of how the evolution of the modern administrative state has also transformed our system of morality. Highly recommended!”
— Martha Albertson Fineman, Robert W. Woodruff Professor, Emory University School of Law